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    Each day we face a lot of pollution and chemical makeup of the food, beverage, or even cream. These have a direct impact on the production of skin cells. If we let the chemicals and pollutants enter the body in large quantities. The age of your skin will look older than age Bangkok Face  aware of the problem. The initiative formulated skin care products made from natural extracts. 
    The team of researchers, R & D, we are dedicated to quality and innovation that exists in the various extracts. Processed with advanced technology. He also received support from faculty and experts from the University of knowledge and research on natural extracts of Thailand. Become skincare rich natural extracts that are beneficial to our skin.

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Bangkok Face  cosmetics business that is expanding and growing significantly.
Bangkok Face is a trendsetter Leave on Mask (Mark of leave), the first in Thailand.
Bangkok Face  saw an opportunity to publish extracts from the natural beauty of Thailand to the world.
     We are ready to be a part of fulfilling the dream of every woman. I want to have beautiful skin. With the combination of the right product for Asian skin. It is also rich in natural safe.

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We trust in the efficiency of natural extracts of Thailand and technology innovation.
We deliver the best quality skincare products to dealers and customers.
Our distributors with efficient processes.
We provide the highest benefit to dealers.

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     Bangkok Face All products are developed and formulated from natural extracts of Thailand. Paraben and containing no animal ingredients. We care every step of production. For skincare with efficiency on your skin.