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Bangkok Face believes that beauty secrets are found in nature. We offer you high quality natural skincare and cosmetic products.
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Purple Corn Serum

Purple Corn Serum is an anti-aging serum specially formulated with our patent active ingredient anthocyanin extracted from Purple Corn which promotes collagen regeneration. It improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture.

Lotus Sparkling Moisturizer

฿ 590.00

Lotus Sparkling Moisturizer is an innovative daily moisturizing cream proven to provide long lasting moisture and prevent visible signs of aging. The daily moisturizing cream is nutrient-rich cream that repairs damaged skin caused by external impurities during the day and maintains your skin soft and smooth. With lotus stamen, the Lotus Sparkling Moisturizer promotes a healthy and radiant complexion in the most natural way.


ACNOC Set 2 items (spot gel + toner spray)

฿ 899.00 ฿ 639.00

Available for only a limited time.


ACNOC Set 3 items ( Spot gel + toner spray + acniwash)

฿ 1,449.00 ฿ 989.00

ACNOC Set 3 items available for only a limited time


ACNOC Set 2 Items (Spot Gel + Acniwash)

฿ 700.00 ฿ 599.00

ACNOC Set 2 Items available for a limited time.



฿ 2,000.00 ฿ 1,350.00

Special price for limited edition ACNOC Box Set with ACNOC Presenter.

Get rid of acne at all stages with the new promo package.

Box set contain 4 products:

  • Acneser Spot Gel (15g.) – 1x
    [ Acne & Acne Scars treatment ]
  • Acne Mild Moisturizer (40g.) – 1x
    [ Multi-functional non-comedogenic moisturizer ]
  • Acniwash Cleanser (100g.) – 1x
    [ Soothe inflamed acne and helps to prevent future breakouts]
  • Acne Shot Toner Spray (50ml.) – 1x
    [ Protection against pollution ]


฿ 1,290.00

Enlarging male sexual organ with the special ingredients from Butea Superba Extract, a medicinal plant found plenty in Thailand that can stimulate the blood circulation system of the sexual organ which in turns arouses the function of their supplying muscle. Kaempferia Parviflora Rhizome is another well-known active ingredient for supposedly increasing penis size. These plants are famous for middle-age and older men for sexual enhancement and are guaranteed the safety and effectiveness by various research papers from numerous professional researchers worldwide.

** Results will vary depending on skin conditions of each person **


Directions : Use day and night routinely
1.Take a shower and dry your body
2.Apply cream on male sexual organs
3.Gradually massage in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes and leave it without washing off


฿ 590.00

Acne Mild Moisturizer is a multi-functional non-comedogenic moisturizer that offers a wide range of benefits to the skin. Acne Mild Moisturizer is frangrance free, color free, and paraben free. Therefore, it is ideal for individuals with sensitive.

Doom Doom Breast Mask

฿ 1,290.00

The amazing breast enlarging mask, distinctive formula from Bangkok Passion by Bangkok Face with the famous Puraria Mirifica extract that contain actives similar to Phytoestroge which has been proven to confidently firm and enlarging breast size while improving blood circulation and nourish skin effectively. Kigelia Africana fruit extract, another active ingredient, improve cutaneous firmness and elasticity improvement of the breast. Feeling the firmness, elasticity, big, bright, and white breast, laid your trust under our product and see the effective results you are wanting for.

** Results will vary depending on skin conditions of each person **


Directions : Use day and night routinely
1.Take a shower and dry your body
2.Apply cream on female breasts
3.Gradually massage in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes and leave it without washing off or only apply cream thickly and leave it without washing off


฿ 249.00
Acneser Spot Gel is specially formulated with skin nutrients from pure and concentrated Mangosteen Peel Extract plus super-active Quercetin Extract from Japanese Onion Peel from Awaji Island that can treat acne effectively. Alpha-mangostin in mangosteen fruit provides the maximum benefit of antioxidants, anti –acne causing and anti-tyrosinase to make skin healthy and radiant.


฿ 550.00
Acniwash Cleanser  penetrates deep into skin to soothe acne-inflamed skin, and it helps to prevent future breakouts. Skin is left clean and oily free.



฿ 650.00

Acne Shot Toner is a dermatologically tested, alcohol-free spray formulated for clearing existing pimples for all skin types. This spray prevents the formation of new acne and balances the skin moisture. It is a convenient way to get toner on the skin by spraying instead of wiping the face with a cotton pad.


฿ 690.00

Whitening overnight mask

With advanced technology, nutrients penetrate deep into the innermost layer of skin. The cream has the smallest molecular level Nano Technology of cream. See your skin turn radiantly white and beautiful. Guaranteed best results.


Directions: Apply before bed overnight without washing off 2-3 times a week


฿ 550.00

Whitening Daily Booster

Licorice extract and Vitamin B3 inhibits melanin. Have healthy skin through caviar extract. Minerals and essential amino acids stimulate collagen and elastin, and gives strength to the skin. With energy and stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, increasing strength, soft, smooth skin.


Directions: Apply day and night routinely


฿ 600.00

Moisturizing Daily Booster

Rebalancing the skin with a neutral PH 4.5 – 5.5 restoring moisture to the skin. With the pull moisture or water droplets in the air into the skin, making the skin more moist and also detoxifying chemical residues in the skin.


Directions: Apply day and night routinely



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