Do's and Don'ts of Oily Skin

Do’s and Don’ts of Oily Skin

1. Oily Skin Care Do’s:

  • Use Oil-Free Foundation: In order to avoid pore-clogging and shiny thingy on your face, make sure your foundation is oil-free. Also, instead of using cream blush, you should use powder blush.
  • Use Blotting Paper: The women who wear makeup would be difficult to wash their faces during the day. At this point, blotting paper is recommended. “You can absorb the extra oil without washing your face, and they are not irritating to the skin,” says Dr. Kazin.

2. Oily Skin Care Don’ts:

  • Don’t Use Creamy or Milk Cleansers: “These types of cleansers deposit unnecessary lipids — oils — on the skin, which can make you feel even oilier,” says Baumann.
  • Don’t Moisturize: You’d better use a gel or serum with anti-aging ingredients.
  • Don’t Over Wash: Extra cleansing will not help your oily skin gets any better. “If you wash too much, you can strip your face of the essential oils that serve as a barrier to a lot of irritants,” Kazin says. “This can cause your face to become red and raw. It’s better to wash twice a day and use blotting paper when you feel shiny throughout the day.”