Face Washing Mistakes

Face Washing Mistakes

The common mistakes that we make when it comes to washing our face

Are you making one of the following face washing mistakes when you are washing your face? If so, you’d better stop because it is not good for your skin at all.
1. Apply Cleanser Incorrectly

If you’re using a cleansing lotion, apply it when you SKIN is DRY and rub it in for a few seconds. After that, wet your fingertips to blend the product. On the other hand, gels or foams should go onto WET SKIN, so that your complexion will not dry.

2. Skip a Morning Cleanse
Even though you don’t feel dirty, your skin actually contain natural oils that have built up overnight and residue from the products you apply before bed. So, always wash your face in the morning and apply sunscreen afterward.

3. Rubbing When Drying
Pat your face dry after cleansing, don’t rub! Rubbing can cause inflammation, irritation, and redness.

4. Over-Exfoliating
Exfoliating your skin once per week will be enough to keep your skin glowing. Daily exfoliating is not necessary; it is harmful to your skin. “It takes two weeks for cells to make their way from the base of the skin to the surface, and another week or two to accumulate and make skin start to look dull,” says Zeichner.

Source: Shape