Food That You Should and Shouldn't Eat For Acneless Skin

Food That You Should and Shouldn’t Eat For Acneless Skin

Are You Eating Healthy or Unhealthy Food For Your Skin?

Food plays a very important role in maintaining a healthy acneless skin. You may wonder why your acne is not cure although you go to see doctors and use various acne treatment products. Perhaps, it is because treating your acne from outside is not the answer. Let’s see which kind of food we should avoid and the kind we should eat.

Foods that we should avoid:

1. Snacks: It is not just fried foods that are bad for your skin; snacks that contain MSG also can cause damage to your facial skin too if you eat them too much.

2. All kinds of fried foods: It is because of the risk from the use of repetitive oil. The use of repetitive oil has a very bad effect on acne and is also not good for the body.

3. Soft drinks: Because when the drink enters your body, it will become acidic and will stimulate inflammation of skin cells.

4. Chocolate candy or chocolate cake: This type of food is high in sugar. It can easily result in clogged pores.

5. Fermented foods: Because the process and ingredients of fermented foods may not be as good or clean as it should be. It is very possible to get pathogens or microorganisms that can stimulate the acne.

Foods that we should eat

  1. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses a day.
  2. Green vegetables: They are healthy food for your skin and your mind.
  3. Foods that contain omega-3 salmon, almond, and cashews.
  4. Oranges, tomatoes, guava or other fruits with high vitamin C.
  5. Probiotic Yogurts: They are good for your digestive system and prevent you from bacteria that cause acne.