Fruits That Will Help You Maintain Healthy Skin During Summer

Fruits That Will Help You Maintain Healthy Skin During Summer

Fruits You Should Not Miss to Cool Off Yourself This Summer

Now our home country Thailand is officially in the summer season. We believe that most of the Southeast Asian countries and other parts of the world are in the summer seasons as well. The summer has many benefits, but we also should not forget that this hot and humid weather can severely damage our skin. But hey! Don’t worry! Bangkok Face has some recommended summer fruits that can cool off the heat. The following fruits are not only good at cooling off the heat, but also provide many benefits such as making your skin smooth and preventing acne.


Because of the sweetness and juicy flavor, watermelon is a perfect summer fruit for cooling the heat of the sun. It is filled with 90% of water and healthy nutrients. It is also suitable for controlling body weight due to the low calories it has.

Watermelon has Lycopene which contains antioxidants to remove free radical damage and prevent inflammation. It also helps to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.


Coconut is known for the skin radiant because it is rich in estrogen. It also has an effect on the production of collagen to help slow down the aging process. The sweetness of the coconut’s water and meat can refresh our mind. At the same time, it can help us maintain our beautiful skin.


Mango is for those who like to eat sweet and sour tastes. This fruit must be fully ripened to have a sweet taste. It is rich in beta carotene and vitamin C for the clear skin. Mango also improves our eyesight and visions.


Mangosteen is the fruit that should not be left out to mention for this summer because it is the Queen of Fruit. The juiciness of mangosteen helps to quench the heat well. The key usefulness of mangosteen is its flesh. Yeah! You have heard it right. The flesh of mangosteen has many benefits like antioxidants, anti-aging, reducing wrinkles, and removing bacteria that causes acne. It also reduces inflammation. This fruit is used as an ingredient for acne spot gel.