How To Pop Pimples Properly

How to Pop a Pimple Properly?

1. You should better wait until the pimple appears a whitehead and that means the pus is ready to be drained.
2. Make sure your hands are washed well with warm water and soap.
3. Sterilize acne tool and let it cool down then wipe it down with alcohol. Do not forget to pour some on your fingers.
4. Wrap your fingers with a clean tissue to ensure they are dry.
5. Take an acne tool and pierce the very tip of the spot’s white center gently.
6. Use a cotton pad to softly squeeze around the pimple, not on the white tip of the spot. If the pus still doesn’t come out, just STOP because the pimple isn’t ready to be cracked.
7. Apply a small amount of Bactrim on the spot that you squeeze.

Source: WebMD