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฿ 690.00

Whitening overnight mask

With advanced technology, nutrients penetrate deep into the innermost layer of skin. The cream has the smallest molecular level Nano Technology of cream. See your skin turn radiantly white and beautiful. Guaranteed best results.


Directions: Apply before bed overnight without washing off 2-3 times a week


฿ 550.00

Whitening Daily Booster

Licorice extract and Vitamin B3 inhibits melanin. Have healthy skin through caviar extract. Minerals and essential amino acids stimulate collagen and elastin, and gives strength to the skin. With energy and stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, increasing strength, soft, smooth skin.


Directions: Apply day and night routinely


฿ 600.00

Moisturizing Daily Booster

Rebalancing the skin with a neutral PH 4.5 – 5.5 restoring moisture to the skin. With the pull moisture or water droplets in the air into the skin, making the skin more moist and also detoxifying chemical residues in the skin.


Directions: Apply day and night routinely


฿ 480.00

Moisturizing Daily Booster

Innovative Technology to brighten skin. Protects skin from the sun with SPF 40 PA +++ molecule, small molecule. With features Nano Shimmer cream reacts with sweat in the skin. It makes the skin look smooth and natural even in dull skin. It is also non-greasy, fast absorbing, suitable for all skin types.


Directions: Apply over face and neck before sun exposure.