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Doom Doom Breast Mask

Doom Doom Breast Mask

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The amazing breast enlarging mask, distinctive formula from Bangkok Passion by Bangkok Face with the famous Puraria Mirifica extract that contain actives similar to Phytoestroge which has been proven to confidently firm and enlarging breast size while improving blood circulation and nourish skin effectively. Kigelia Africana fruit extract, another active ingredient, improve cutaneous firmness and elasticity improvement of the breast. Feeling the firmness, elasticity, big, bright, and white breast, laid your trust under our product and see the effective results you are wanting for.

** Results will vary depending on skin conditions of each person **


Directions : Use day and night routinely
1.Take a shower and dry your body
2.Apply cream on female breasts
3.Gradually massage in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes and leave it without washing off or only apply cream thickly and leave it without washing off

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Dimensions9.5 × 4 × 21 cm