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       Bangkok Face Products are formulated with Thai botanical ingredients and formulated without paraben. We manufacture our products using a combination of nature and innovative active ingredients together, and it yields better results.

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Purple Corn Serum

Purple Corn Serum is an anti-aging serum specially formulated with our patent active ingredient anthocyanin extracted from Purple Corn which promotes collagen regeneration. It improves the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture.


Lotus Sparkling Moisturizer

฿ 590.00

Lotus Sparkling Moisturizer is an innovative daily moisturizing cream proven to provide long lasting moisture and prevent visible signs of aging. The daily moisturizing cream is nutrient-rich cream that repairs damaged skin caused by external impurities during the day and maintains your skin soft and smooth. With lotus stamen, the Lotus Sparkling Moisturizer promotes a healthy and radiant complexion in the most natural way.



฿ 2,000.00 ฿ 1,350.00

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Hydroxyprolisilane CN


Hydroxyprolisilane CN is a non-animal derivative, resulting from the reaction of methylsilanetriol with hydroxyproline, obtained by biotechnology. It exhibits an excellent activity of skin regeneration through cytostimulation. HYDROXYPROLISILANE CN stimulates the multiplication of aged cells and improves regeneration and healing capacity, while limiting the energy requirement. It is neither toxic nor irritant in nature.

Alpha Bisabolol


Natural alpha Bisabolol is obtained by distillation from the candeia tree. It works effectively agaist germs. It is used is cosmetics and personal care products.

BioGenic SA-200


BioGenic SA-200 is a water soluble salicylic acid. It enables to make alcohol free formulation for cosmetics and personal care products. Water soluble property of BioGenic SA-200 enhances stability of formulation and prevents recrystallization of salicylic acid.

Hydrosal Freshcool


Hydrosal FreshCool is a unique delivery system of refreshing blend that provides a longer lasting fresh sensation with reduced odor. It is compatible with a wide range of water-based and hydro-alcoholic formulas to form clear products.

Ashwagandha leaf extract


Ashlex is extracted from Ashwanghadha leaf. It exhibits significant cell growth, pore minimizer, UV-protection, and whitening activties.

Alpha Arbumin


Alpha Arbutin Offers benefits such as minimized liver spots and reduced degree of skin tanning after UV exposure.

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