4A full one stop option acne mask, your solution to acne problems

  • Anti-bacterial 
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Astringent

Result :
–          Acne-reducer
–          Anti-blemish
–          Reduce rash and redness
–          Pore minimizing
–          Soften skin
–          Anti-aging
–          Whitening

** Results will vary depending on skin conditions of each person **

Direction : Apply cream to entire face at night 2-3 times a week without washing off

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Achieve acne-clearing results that are second to none of acne product in the tropical market right now. Mangosteen anti reducer mask is formulated with powerful Thai herb, Garcinia Mangostana peel extract (mangosteen). This mask treats visible blemishes and leaves skin looking clear, calm, and even-toned. It contains xanthone and tannin from mangosteen that has the ability to cure most skin conditions. Its antimicrobial action combats the spread of acne-causing bacteria while reducing the appearance of redness and pore size. It also works to lighten the appearance of pigmented acne scars. Apart from magosteen extract, Aloe velum is another famous Thai herb that nourishes your skin and protect the skin from irritation while reducing redness. Mixing with vitamin E and vitamin C, acne mask leave skin with a visibly clearer, more renewed, and smoother appearance.

Main active ingredients :
–          GARCINIA MANGOSTANA PEEL EXTRACT : Prevent acne, cure acne, reduce rash, reduce inflammatory, anti-bacterial, inhibit fungus
–          ALOE VERA CALLUS EXTRACT : Anti-inflammatory, reduce irritation from sunlight, heal up wound
–          BIS-GLYCERYL ASCORBATE (AMITOSE DGA) : The stable form of Vitamin C from Japan; Whitening, nourishing, adding nutrients to skin cells
–          TOCOPHERYL ACETATE : Anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, Anti-oxidant, Soften skin, Strengthen skin cells

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