Tip For Cleansing Makeup Brushes

An Easy Tip for Cleansing Makeup Brushes

1. Put your brush (bristles) into warm water. Keep the bristles pointing downwards to avoid the area where the handle meets the head wet. It can loosen the glue if water gets in there.
2. Drop a small amount of baby shampoo into the palm of your hand. Then, swirl the bristles into the baby shampoo until it creates lather.
3. After the dirt and oil have been removed from the bristles, place the brush head under lukewarm water again.
4. Squeeze the remaining water out of the brush by using your thumb and index fingers
5. Use a fabric or a towel to dry off the bristles, swirling them as you go
6. Lay your brushes flat to dry
  • Repeat the cleansing process until the water released becomes clear
  • Your eyelash curler can also be washed. Dispense a few drops of baby shampoo in between your fingers, rubbing it, and then wash it out.
Picture from: Into the Gloss