Acne Types

Which Type of Acne Do You Have?

1. Whiteheads
This type of acne look pretty much exactly what they sound like. Its appearance is a small blemish with white head which result from the plug of follicles in sebum (oil) and dead skin cells.

2. Blackheads
You have got blackheads when you see any blemished that have black dots.  Blackheads are classified as comedones. It is unlike whiteheads because blackheads are not closed; hence the black dots appear clearly on your skin.
* Comedones are another term for clogged pores. It is called as a comedo or comedones (plural) if it is clogged. On the other hand, it is usually called as a pore when it is clean and clear.

3. Papules
The appearance of papules is the redness and swelling on your face and leads to inflammations which resulted from the presence of bacteria, sebum, and dead skin cells under the skin.  Basically, inflammation and irritation are the symptoms of papule. Therefore, to prevent your skin from further dry out, the best way is to not apply anything and just keep that area calm.

4. Pustules
Pustules contain whitish or yellowish-looking and are similar to papules. They look like a big whitehead and may feel painful to touch. If you are willing to squeeze them, make sure that you will not feel regret when a post-breakout scar appear. Thus, what you have to do when it comes to pustules is be patient. You should wait until a whitehead visible then you can cautiously remove it.

5. Severe Acne: Nodules, Cysts and Acne Conglobata
Your face may full of large, red, inflamed blemishes if these severe types of acne appear. It normally lasts for months.  If you left it untreated, it can permanently damage your skin.  You should go to see a dermatologist for clearing these types of blemishes.