Aurb Powder Face Mask

How to use powder Face mask?

Powder face mask is no strangers to us. We have heard about it and seen it all the time. In fact, this beauty ritual has been practiced since ancient time, and its popularity survived the change of time. So what is the powder face mask and how do we use it?

As its name indicated, it is in a powder form. The making of powder face mask is varied from one country or region to another as they have different resources. Most of the powder masks are made from fruit, plants, or clay.

Aurb Powder Face Mask by Bangkok Face

Aurb Powder Face Mask
Bangkok Face would like to introduce you its newest powder masks formulated based on Thai traditional secrets. There are six products of them made from different Thai fruits. Carefully look at the labels of the products and choose the one that suits you the most. For example, if you have a dry skin and want to maintain moisture on your face, then make sure that you choose coconut charcoal powder mask that is specifically designed to for moisturizing effect. For more information about the products please click here.

Mix it with Water

Powder Mask with water
Add water to the powder mask little by little instead of all at once in order to avoid making the mixture become too watery. Mix it with water until it becomes a paste. Then you use a brush to apply it on your face.

Mix it with Yogurt

Powder Mask with Yogurt
For 15 gram package of powder mask, use a one tea spoon of yogurt and blend it well until it becomes a paste. Then use a brush to apply it on your face.

Relax. Refresh. Recharge and enjoy your powder face mask time.