Efficacy :
·         Whitening

·         Firming
·         Producing powerful skin products
·         Pore tightening
·         Spot correction
·         Anti-oxidant
·         Anti-aging

** Results will vary depending on skin conditions of each person **

Directions Apple the cream thickly over entire face at night without rinsing off by water 2-3 times a week

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Lotus sparkling cream is the ultimate all in one solution for whitening processes. It contains Artemia extract, plantons from the pure deep blue ocean that enhances cells energy reform as well as producing new healthy cells while repairing damages cells. Additionally, Green Carviar extracts which is one of those things that always has an air of luxury, contains almost all of essential amino acids that our skin needed, meanwhile, having moisturizing and emollient properties which help recovered aging, dried, and wrinkled skins. Enhancing the whitening efficacy by adding Royal lotus stamen that is unique and pure, this lotus sparkling cream is even more powerful and effective. The lotus stamen extract has ability to act as anti-oxidant to slow down aging process. It also acts as anti-inflammation and whitening agent by inhibiting tyrosinase which is an enzyme that produces melanin pigments. Give your complexion a fresh, new start while also leaving your skin feeling smooth and soft with lotus sparkling cream.

Main active ingredients :
          NELUMBO NUCIFERA GAERTN : Whitening, Anti-oxidant,
          YUZU SEED EXTRACT : Skin brightening, Anti-oxidant, Enhance thickening of epidermis, aid in Blood circulation, smoothen skin
          GREEN CAVIAR EXTEACT : moisturizing, firming, Cleansing
          BUTY ROSPERMUM PARKII EXTRACTS ( SHEA BUTTER ) :  Anti-aging, moisturizing, Anti-oxidant

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